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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – PL / ENG morning edition

3 marca, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 11:30 am

MBSR is a mindfulness course that teaches how to manage stress and increase life satisfaction.
The morning version of the course is based on the principle of 8-weeks sessions, during which participants learn and experience areas of mindfulness in life: attention training and mind focus, realizing their own emotions, coping with stress and thoughts, conscious impact on communication with people, building clear and good relationships.
👌alm and self-control, the ability to choose your emotional responses
👌increasing concentration and intellectual capabilities
👌reduction of internal emotional tension
👌increasing awareness and confidence
👌creating internal readiness for change
👌creating the ability to accept people and the world without having to control them
👌increasing regeneration skills
👌ability to enjoy life and find joy in your everyday life
👌ability to deal with difficult emotions
👌positive attitude to yourself, people, the world.
During mindfulness training, you’ll learn how to work with your mind in the area of thoughts and habits. You will learn mindfulness in everyday activities, which will increase the possibility of focused action. You will feel that your life belongs to you, you are standing at the helm and skillfully react to gusts of wind.
You will slow down and find a new quality in communication with others, as well as in ordinary everyday activities.
You will get to know your body, discover its needs, learn regeneration and renewal.
Who is this course for?
-For people living in a hurry, joking about their „forgetfulness”. For those who feel fatigue, burnout or low energy. For those who live in an impasse and would like to look at the difficulties in going further in their lives.
-For business owners, managers in companies who want to reduce internal pressure.
-For employees who are tired of chasing achievements or deadlines.
-For psychologists, coaches, therapists and all those who work with people on a daily basis and would like to implement mindfulness in their professional practice.
-For young parents who have encountered the experience of a new life and would like to understand themselves in a new role.
-For other parents who have the impression that „they don’t know when the children have grown so”.
-For pregnant women, for whom the time has just come to calm down and seek contact with each other, seeking answers to questions that arise at this stage.
-For students who feel that stress is a topic already present in their lives and would like to learn how to deal with it before its consequences come.
-For those who would like to finally stop frustrating, crying or getting angry, learn how to make decisions or take responsibility for their lives.
-For couples who would like to go more consciously through life together.
Why this course?
-is a proven method, scientifically developed over 30 years ago by prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn and constantly developing all the time at the Center For Mindfulness at the university clinic in Worcester (USA)
-has been implemented at most universities in the United States and Great Britain
-is part of business as an element of employee development in organizations related to investments in the culture of wellness such as Google or eBay.
What will the course look like?
🍀the duration of the course is 8 weeks
🍀8 morning meetings according to the schedule (2,5h each)
🍀additional one-day workshop – mini Mindful Day retreat
🍀personal everyday practice at home based on the received recordings and instructions given during the workshops
What you get?
-a set of professional materials with additional coaching exercises to deepen personal practice
-set of meditation practice recordings
-on-line access to class exercises
-support of a teacher experienced in conducting group and individual MBSR processes
-certificate of completion of the course in accordance with international standards
Organizational Details:
The meetings take place on Saturdays:
1st session „First taste of mindfulness”,
2nd session „Autopilot and beginner’s mind”
3rd session „Careful work with the body”
4th session „Understanding stress”
5th session „Thoughts are just thoughts”
6th session „Meeting with the difficult”
7th session „Careful communication and relations
8th session „And the river flows”
Meeting dates (9.00-11.30):
1. 03.03
2. 10.03
3. 17.03
4. 24.03
5. 31.03
6. 7.04
7. 14.04
8. 21.04
Mindful Day: dates to be agreed.
IMPORTANT! The course will be conducted in Polish with a live English translator.
Investment in yourself:
👍850 PLN with total payment up to 16.02
👍950 PLN with full payment during the period of 17.02-24.02
👍1090 PLN with payment in the last week before the course and / or payment in installments
Payment in installments: 200 PLN payment before the course starts, 200 PLN between the first and second sessions, the rest of the amount – propose a payment date (total 1090 PLN)
Payment for a couple: 1,700 PLN before the start of the course.
This is the fee for the entire course including materials and meditation recordings for personal use.
Enrollment: The first step is to complete the MBSR application .
The final confirmation is payment to the account:
57 1050 1445 1000 0092 5342 8867
Title: MBSR weekend course
Contact: sylwia@centrumholi.pl
🌱Sylwia Rogala-Marciniak: Certified mindfulness teacher MBSR / MBCL (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction certificate issued by the Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches / Polish Institute Mindfulness; Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living certificate issued by the Polish Institute of Mindfulness). A certified yoga teacher in the hatha-yoga system by the BKS Iyengar method of Introductory II. Erickson International Coach, Substantive Supervisor and Lecturer at postgraduate education at the University of Lodz, Supervisor and Mentor Coach CoachingSteps ™ at the University of Łódź Competence Development Studio. In the years 2015 – 2017 she was the director of the Lodz Branch of the Coaching Chamber and the PROGRESSteron Festival in Lodz. Creator of HOLI Body & Mind Center, a place with mindfulness meditation. Certified business trainer at MATRIK School of Trainers and Management Consultants – methodology based on international standards NVQ International Trainers Certification in Training, Learning and Development – MATRIK & Pearson Edexcel International. Co-author of the bestseller “Coaching. Collection of development support tools „(Wolters Kluwer Polska – ABC, 2012). She has over 3,000 hours in the training room and 600 hours of individual sessions. She has been training stress reduction, mindfulness and meditation since 2008, and since 2015 in the form of full MBSR certified courses. Fascinated by the culture of the Far East, she often travels to those directions of the world.
She has been practicing yoga and meditation for 16 years, still finding something new in it at subsequent stages of her life.
Opinions about the course: https://centrumholi.pl/mindfulness/opinie-o-kursie-redukcji-stresu/


3 marca, 2020
9:00 am - 11:30 am

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